If my son joins Crabs, can he play for other teams too? 
No. If you choose to play for Crabs Lacrosse the only other team you can play for is your middle school or high school team. Crabs is a nationally recognized leader in club lacrosse. You will not need another team.

How does my son try out for a Crabs Lacrosse team?
You can email crabsoffice@gmail.com or call our office at 410-260-0222 to discuss your tryout options. We are happy to welcome new talented players at anytime during the year if there is a need and it is a good fit for both the family and the club. Crabs Lacrosse invites all highly competitive and skilled players to attend our annual open tryouts in July. Simply sign up for Tryouts.

Is playing for Crabs a really big commitment?
Crabs Lacrosse pulls athletes from various schools in the greater Baltimore metro region. Our players enjoy the camaraderie of playing together on their Crabs team, as well as the competition of playing hard against each other during practice. We practice more than we play and look to teach individual skills and team concepts every time we meet. Attending your team practice is a must for your sons personal development and the success of the team. The Club absolutely supports multi sport athletes and believes the "in season" sport comes first. However our typical player makes time to attend our "out of season" workouts when they do not have a direct conflict with the in season sport. We do not have players that play AAU basketball or club socceer in the spring. Playing for Crabs is not come and go as you please. However being on a team where everyone always shows up and always works hard is an incredible feeling and worth the sacrifice!

Who will be coaching my son?
Crabs Lacrosse coaches have years of experience coaching student athletes at all levels of lacrosse. Each team features 3 – 4 coaches. Our coaches do a great job helping our youth show up in high school with the skills that set them apart from the other boys in their class. Often Crabs players get Varsity tryout invitations or end up starting on their JV teams as freshman.  At the high school level our coaches have the reputation with college coaches to being responsive when discussing players in our program. Please see the individual team pages for the coaches in a particular age group. Here is the listing as of 2018 https://crabslax.com/CoachesCrabs.aspx

Where is the home facility for the Crabs Lacrosse Team?
We are fortunate to have a great relationship with The Boys' Latin School of Maryland and use their turf fields for practice, clinics, and tournaments during the late spring and summer. The Boys’ Latin School is located at 822 West Lake Avenue, Baltimore MD 21210.

How much does it cost to play for the Crabs Lacrosse Team?
Crabs Lacrosse is a Maryland 501-C-3 Non Profit. Our Nike sponsorship helps us keep our fees lower than most in Maryland. Players pay between $1695-$2500 depending on the team for the year or the fall/summer high school season. This fee can include:
Tournament Fees
Uniforms, Helmet, Gloves
Facility Rental
Practice Time
Site Insurance
Coaching Stipends
Administrative Costs

Why should we tryout our son doesn't know anyone at your club and probably won't make the team?
We hear this question way too much! We have had many great Crab players that were the only boy from their area at a tryout but had the courage to attend. They not only made the team but made new lifelong friends from all over the state. We have expert coaches on our staff that know athletic and lacrosse potential when they see it. We are happy to discuss positives and negatives with anyone who attends our tryouts. Some of our very best players were boys that just showed up "out of no where" from places like Mt Airy, Bowie, Potomac, Kent Island, Cecil, Forrest Hill, Sykesville, South River.  Your son can do it! He can and will make new friends and learn from some of the best coaches in the state. Player evaluations typically start in the summer and culminate in August with a large open tryout. If your son is interested in being a Crabs Lacrosse player please fill out the CRABS TRYOUT form which can be found in the "Registration Center" under "Custom Forms" or email crabslax@gmail.com and call 410-260-0222.

If my son makes a Crabs team does he have to play with you forever?
No. If after the summer season you want to join another club team, we certainly will respect your decision. Also, becoming a Crabs player also does not guarantee you a spot the next year. With the exception of the Junior and Senior grades, we require all players to tryout every year. Crabs also reserves the right to part ways with a player if it is deemed that they or their parents disrupt the well being of the team or the overall program.

What age does the Crabs Lacrosse start?
In 2024/2025 club year we will field teams 2035-2026

What sets the Crabs Lacrosse program apart from other club teams?
Crabs Lacrosse is an established program committed to coaching athletes who aspire to play at their highest level of lacrosse. For the youth this could result in these boys ending up in the MIAA A Conference or the IAC or WCAC. For our high school athletes the exposure and access to top colleges in unparralled in the area and many Crabs end up playing at the Division I level. (including the class of 2018 over 400 players have moved on to Division 1 programs)

A few key difference from other club teams include:

Sponsored by NIKE, INC and all our gear is top of the line NIKE product.

Access to the best tournaments and showcases and special camps that other local clubs can not get into.

Founding member of the NLF. http://www.nationallacrossefederation.com/
A successful program with a 26 year history
Fielding only one team per graduation year.
Focusing on the lacrosse “IQ” development. Players keep lacrosse journals and get access to a special app for film review and study at home.
Superior coaching staff. See our commit page https://crabslax.com/AlumniCrabs.aspx

If your son is a talented, committed, and passionate lacrosse player with the desire to play at the Division I level, than we urge him to tryout.