Crabs 2027


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Tuesdays and Thursdays start this week at McDonogh and run through March 26. 

2024/2025 Tuesdays and Thursdays 730pm-9pm

2026/2027 Tuesdays  6pm-730pm

2028/2029 Thursdays 6pm-730pm


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Crabs 2029 and 2027, 

Here is the room block for Beach Lax:


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Here is the link for hotel room block for Lax Clash in LI June 20-21.

Lax Clash –


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Crabs 2027 Summer Tournaments:

May 30- June 1 or June 6-7- TBD (you will play one of these two weekends)

Tri Star Lax Clash (Long Island)- June 20-21

Young Guns- June 27-28

July 17-19 NLF Championship (UMASS)- at this time this is not 100% confirmed but please save the date.


Hotel Room Blocks will be sent out in the next few weeks for LI and UMASS tournament

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Crabs 2027 Fall Results: Go Crabs!

  Team  Score
2027 W-5 L-0    
MD Tourney vs HOCO win 6-3
Autumn Classic vs Harvest win 5-1
  vs Ground Control win 11-2
  vs Koopers win 10-2
Championship  vs Sweetlax Upstate win 6-5


The roster for this team is not yet complete - please check back soon!


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