Crabs 2027


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Crabs 2027 Winter Practice Schedule:

All practices are scheduled for indoors unless a message is sent letting you know that you are outside. 

All practices are in the morning except Saturday Feb 22nd, this practices are at night

Dec 8- RPCS 9-1030 Outside

Dec 15- Coppermine 730am- 830am

Jan 5- Coppermine 730am-830am

Jan 12- RPCS 1030-12

Jan 26- Coppermine 730am - 830am

Feb 2- RPCS 1030-12

Feb 9- RPCS 9-1030

Feb 22- Coppermine 815pm- 945pm

Feb 23- RPCS 9-1030

Mar 1- TBD

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Crabs 2027 Fall Results: Go Crabs!

  Team  Score
2027 W-5 L-0    
MD Tourney vs HOCO win 6-3
Autumn Classic vs Harvest win 5-1
  vs Ground Control win 11-2
  vs Koopers win 10-2
Championship  vs Sweetlax Upstate win 6-5


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