Crabs 2024


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Location: Jemicy June 2020          
Team   Monday  Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday  Saturday Sunday
2021         630pm -8pm    1230pm -145pm  
2022         630pm -8pm    1230pm -145pm  
2023     630pm -8pm          1230pm -145pm
2024       630pm -8pm       11am -1215pm
2025       5pm -615pm       930am -1045am 
2026   630pm -8pm         930am -1045am  
2027         5pm-615pm   11am -1215pm  
2028     5pm-615pm         8am -915am
2029   5pm -615pm         8am -915am  
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  Team  Score
2024 W - 6 L- 3    
MD Tourney    
  vs Madlax Win 7-5
Battle of the Bay vsFreedom loss 5-4
  vs Next Level loss 9-3
  vs Richmond Hawks loss 9-8
  vs Richmond Hawks win 12-4
Autumn Classic vs 3D MD win 13-1
  vs Cherries win 9-2
  vs Breakers win 7-2
semi finals vs Breakers win 5-0
Championship vs Brotherly Love loss 4-1


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