FL 2022


SuperAdmin on Jan 9 at 1:01P

Dear Florida Crabs players and parents, 

Happy New Year. Just a quick note wishing you all the best as you prepare for your upcoming spring seasons. We are working on finishing our roster invitations this month for the 3 teams we will be fielding this summer. We continue to be contacted by and connected with talented young men who have interest in the program. We are being picky in who we add by reveiwing film and getting recomendations from high school coaches before extending invites. We are excited by the anticipated strength of our squads for summer 2019. To that end if you know a very talented player who might want in please tell them to reach out now. All the best, Coach McClernan


There are no coaches on this team...


# Name Position
0 Coolidge , Skip Mid/Att
0 cordes, Will Attack
0 Easley, Squish Attack
0 Fulk, Jake Attack
0 Garey, Chase Midfield
0 Hepler, Quinn Mid/Att
0 Lamon, Wade Goalie
0 Luczak, Joseph LPM
0 McDonald, Trace Mid/Att
0 Reed, Jack Midfield
0 Rubenstein, Ethan Mid/Att


Date Opponent
There are no games for this team...


06/20/19 04:00PM - 06/23/19 04:00PM Mini Camp and CrabFeast
Boys' Latin, Cedar Lane and Towson University
07/18/19 04:00PM - 07/21/19 04:00PM NLF Championship