Crabs Box Team - Middle School


Coach on Nov 9 at 11:40P

Uniforms are in.  Helmet stickers are in.

Coach on Oct 12 at 2:30P
Crabs HS and MS Box Teams,

Please follow the below instructions to register for our league divisions this winter.

Here are registration codes and information for your Crabs players to complete all the league paperwork.  

High School Division Crabs Code: KUS89U4EFE

Middle School Division Crabs Code: 37DKX2FKKV

Player Registration:
 A)  All Players must be a US Lacrosse members, link on registration site. 
 B) Stone Alley Player Registration Link for 2018-19 Future Stars Box League League Season III:

PSL Future Stars issues each club team a unique team code so their players can register and not be charged.  With this code the players will take care of all league paper work on Stone Alley.  If parents register and does not use their team code and is charged they will be issued a refund minus any processing fees and/or incurred costs and a $35.00 adm fee.

STONE ALLEY Registration – When you go to register, we encourage you to complete the registration process on the first time.  If you do not register completely, you must SAVE YOUR EMAIL/LOGIN INFORMATION.  You will not be able to get back into the registration process without this.  This is your link to RESET PASSWORD, in case you are locked out:


# Name Position
2 Boston, Griffin Attack
24 Brady, Declan Midfield
0 Brandel, Thomas Goalie
89 Cawlfield, Davis Midfield
9 Colhoun, Warry Midfield
39 Dalton, Nick Mid/Att
5 Della, Ryan Midfield
0 Hall, Charlie Mid/Att
18 Hallam , Chase Mid/Att
33 Hallam, Josh Defense
20 Harcarik, Jackson Mid/Att
10 Hayashi, Zachary Midfield
15 Hospelhorn, Ty Attack
11 LeVanis, Tuck Mid/Att
22 Maher, Jackson Midfield
50 Metz, Hunter Attack
21 Morgan, Will Attack
8 Parish, Logan Midfield
4 Procopio, Marcello Midfield
7 Ro, Aidan Mid/Att
87 Valente, Eric Mid/Att


Date Opponent
12/01/18 08:00PM @ Looney's
Myers Pavillion
12/08/18 09:00PM @ Sidewinders
Myers Pavillion
12/15/18 09:00PM @ Bombers
Myers Pavillion
12/22/18 09:00PM @ PLC
Myers Pavillion
12/28/18 06:30PM @ 3D
Myers Pavillion
01/11/19 06:30PM @ South River
Myers Pavillion
01/18/19 08:30PM @ Stripers
Myers Pavillion


11/20/18 07:00PM - 08:30PM PRACTICE
11/27/18 07:00PM - 08:30PM PRACTICE
12/04/18 07:00PM - 08:30PM PRACTICE
12/11/18 07:00PM - 08:30PM PRACTICE
12/18/18 07:00PM - 08:30PM Practice