VLC 2026


Admin on Oct 2 at 10:28A

Dear VLC Parents of 2023, 2024, 2025 and 2026:

The OC Pilgrimmage Tournament has been canceled. Please take this opportunity to cancel your rooms today, so you do not incurr any charges.

Stay tuned for updates with regards to the fall tournament schedule.



# Name Position
37 Agents, Thomas FOGO
5 Ahmed, Aarez Mid/Att
44 Carter, Declan Attack
24 Drinkwine, Ben Midfield
21 Elgas, Tyler Defense
19 Frate, Avery Defense
99 Gilmore, Gavin Midfield
12 Harrison, John Midfield
25 Holden, Mitchell Mid/Att
29 Internicola, Ryan Defense
7 Kovacs, Will Goalie
14 Kwitkiwski, Luke Midfield
13 Kyle, Carter Mid/Att
0 Lesando, Ryan Attack
27 Nelsen, Tyler Defense
22 Peterson, Brady Midfield
77 Rogstad, Cole Midfield
11 Stewart, Trent Midfield
26 Wheatley, Joe Defense
1 Woodring, Cooper Attack


Date Opponent
There are no games for this team...


There are no events for this team...