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Coach on Apr 15 at 10:32A

Happy Monday after a great win, that is always a good feeling. Congratulations to the team. That was the Baltimore Crabs very first victory ever at the 5th grade boys level in Elite competition! 

The final score of 13-3 shows what we are capable of. That Diamondback team had some very big and fast players, but they were no match for our tenacity, desire and skill. It was a big win for us and the program AND I truly believe the best is yet to come. 

A few players definitely moved up on the depth chart. A couple others players may be better suited to another position, every position matters and we want the boys playing where they will truly shine. We will work with them to help them achieve success for themselves and the team.  I will continue to move parts until I feel like I’m doing the right thing for the player and for the team. 

1. We will only practice on Weds for the next two weeks with no game. In order for us to continue to get better we must work hard on stick skills. That means wall ball daily. Find a wall and develop and work your routine. Rt100 Lft 100 Splits 25 Rolls 25. A brick wall gives you the surface you need to develop game condition and skills/faster hands.

2. Find a cage and dodge and shoot on the run. Use our plays and use your imagination. Some of you know who you are and you know you need to develop a shot. Buy a goal or ride your bike to high school and make it happen.  We had way to many dropped passes on the crease. We need to catch or quick stick and finish. It just doesn’t happen with luck it happens through reps alone on wall.

If you have any questions about this you can call me any time 410-908-1324

I’m very happy for the players and staff and I’m also not surprised by the final score. That being said I’m not going to be satisfied until we reach our potential.

So individual work next two days until Weds then again until next Weds practice. 

Happy for team (but let’s keep working!)!

From 130th street in OC

Coach Jim

Admin on Apr 12 at 8:39A

Crabs 2026, 

Next two weeks schedule:

Practice Wednesday (17th) 6-8 BL Upper Turf

Off for the Holiday Weekend!

Practice Wednesday (24th) BL Upper Turf 

Thursday (25th) 6-8 BL Lower Turf

Saturday (27th) 9-11 BL Lower Turf

Sunday (28th) HOCO game

Boys' Latin is a very busy place for the 6pm drop off time. Please park in upper lot or across the street at the middle school. If you park at the middle school please use bridge to cross Lake Ave. Reminder do not drive down the hill on campus and park in the lower lot. 

Admin on Apr 3 at 1:29P



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Admin on Feb 28 at 9:58A

Crabs 2026, 

Hotel room block for one day Lehigh Lax Feast Tournament June 8th. Games will only be played on Saturday.

Hotel Block is for Friday night rooms only. 

Thank you, 



Admin on Feb 8 at 4:10P

Crabs 2025 and 2026, 

Click on link below for Hotel room block for the Garden State Shoot Out in NJ June 29-30.

Thank you, 


Coach on Nov 13 at 5:22P

Hi everyone, 

I wanted to send out a note to wrap up our fall ball season with my thoughts. 
First I thought we had 6 good practices.  The boys were enthusiastic and worked hard. I am impressed with our overall grit and energy. I really believe our team is above average athletically and all boys show great potential. 

We went 4-2 in our fall tournament games. The 2 teams that beat us have been together for several years with experience playing together. They moved the ball better than us because of the time spent playing together. Both teams we lost to were NOT bigger or stronger or more athletic than us. Also from our of lack of familiarity with each other and our roles, we lost our composure and made some mistakes. That will change once we get more organized and our boys get familiar with each other and learn their roles on the field. 

You have received a email about our practices on Sunday’s mornings through the winter. Keep in mind if the weather is below 40 we will go indoors at BL.....if above 40 we’ll be outside. Our winter practices will be focused on stick skills, fundamentals and individual offensive and defensive skills. Starting in late February early March, we will practice twice during the week and both Saturday and Sunday.  The spring with be more focused on the team to get ready for league play and the Summer Tourney’s.

We are a new team.  The boys are learning how to play the game. I am excited about our team and looking forward to polishing them into a very competitive team for the spring and summer. This is a process and we are all in this together. We need to encourage the boys and have them encourage each other. 

The Crabs are a very proud organization with nothing but success to build on. The 8th Grade team might be the most talented team they have ever had and the High School team are doing great. We all are aspiring to get there....this is the beginning. 

Have a Great Thanksgiving. Lots to be thankful for!!  Call me anytime. 

Coach Jim


# Name Position
12 Barrett, Bryce Midfield
5 Bertozzi, Baxter LPM
21 Dubin, Martin Midfield
7 Fling, Darren Midfield
48 Grant, Sawyer Defense
23 Harrington, Chase Mid/Att
4 Helfferich, Charlie Midfield
6 Huelskamp, AJ Mid/Att
13 Kim, Joseph Midfield
8 Koff, Myles Midfield
1 Korczakowski, Justin Defense
17 McCottry, Tyler Defense
32 mcgettigan, liam Midfield
14 Minderlein, Jake Attack
27 Radebaugh, Cody Goalie
47 Ro, Daniel Defense
18 Sabourin, Luke Attack
52 Sippel, Charlie Attack
22 Speight, Dean Mid/Att
0 Whitener, Trip Goalie
11 Wilhelmsen, Cole Mid/Att


Date Opponent
03/24/19 12:00PM   Madlax Capital
Western Regional Park
03/31/19 01:30PM @ FCA
Blandair Park
04/07/19 12:00PM @ Team 91
Cedar Lane Park (Howard Co.)
04/14/19 01:30PM   Arden Diamonbacks
Troy Park
04/28/19 01:30PM @ Bethesda
Blandair Park
05/05/19 10:30AM   Hawks
Boys' Latin Turf
05/12/19 12:00PM @ Looneys
Oakland Mills HS


06/08/19 08:00AM - 05:00PM Lehigh Lax Fest
Lehigh University
06/15/19 08:00AM - 06/16/19 04:00PM Summer Exposure
Multiple Field Locations
06/29/19 08:00AM - 06/30/19 08:00AM Garden State Shootout
St. Joseph's High School
07/06/19 08:00AM - 07/07/19 04:00PM Young Guns
Towson University