Crabs 2026


Coach on Oct 18 at 9:44A

2026 Crabs,

Since our games are very close together and our day relativley short we are going to wing our tailgate for Sunday.  I am bringing the tent and table with a cooler of Gatorades and water.  Also bringing 2 boxes of crustables peanut butter and jelly. The Radebaugh’s are bringing drinks also the Sipple’s are bringing a plate of chicken nuggets from Chic Fil A.  Wilhelmsen bringing fruit...oranges, grapes and Banana’s.  

We will depend on others for our next tournament in November.  I believe it will be a longer day so we will need more food and drinks.  

Thanks and see everyone Sunday!! Bobby



Admin on Oct 17 at 11:41A


Store Closes OCTOBER 28th

Happy Shopping!



Coach on Oct 15 at 1:18P

I floated the idea of organizing shoot around groups for Thursday this week but many kids are unavailable so the boys will need to get on cage and hit the wall extra hard on their own.

So this will be the first time ever a 2026 Crab team will take the field. We’ve had only 4 practices so it might look a little disjointed at times so be patient. I'm sure we will be making many adjustments on the fly but I'm confident it will all work out in the long run so stay positive and stick together.

Bobby will be sending out tailgate info. Keep checking tourney app for changes this week.

For now unless of a change in time I’ll see everyone on Field 2 Blandair park ready to warm up at 815.  First game starts at 850 vs, API


 Coach Jim

Admin on Oct 15 at 10:20A
DATE 2026
Oct 21st MD Tourney
Oct  27th  
Oct 28th 9-1030 RPCS lower
Nov 3rd  
Nov 4th Jemicy 9-1030
Nov 10th  
Nov 11th Autumn Classic
Coach on Oct 13 at 12:53P


Everyone should have an invite to team snap. I will use this for player availability and practice time changes and updates. It is also useful if you want extended family to know where to watch games. Grandparents others can be added to your sons player profile and get same updates. So please accept your team snap invite. I only see 11 players coming to practice tomorrow which I'm sure is because most haven’t gotten around to accepting and completing profile.
I will continue to use this Crab website messaging service for the main messages.
Tomorrow please have your son bring a note book and pencil. After practice I will want them to write out the few plays we will need to do our best to execute first tournament. 
There has already be one change in the opponent of our first game. Hopefully game times will remain same and we will start early and be done by 130 pm. We will still need to have some food for boys after 2nd game vs FCA to reload on calories and finish strong.  Finally please also download the tourney machine app onto your phones and if you haven’t already please register complete the tourney waiver for your son.
Just a reminder that tomorrows practice is 1030-12 same location
Thanks Coach Jim


Coach on Oct 12 at 2:41P

2026 Crabs,

Couple of items:

Practice this Sunday is 10:30 - 12:00 at Roland Park...changed from our usual 9-10:30.  

We are giving out the helmets Sunday.  We will be at practice by 9:30 to hand them out.  Sometimes the helmets take time to adjust and get the fit right so please come early to allow for extra time before getting started.

We are playing in a tournament next Sunday 21st @ Blandair Park.  We will get the schedule out to everyone when its finalized.  We will likely play 3 games. We recieved our Pinney's but will not recieve our shorts or uniforms for the tournament.   Please have the boys wear all/mostly white shorts for tourney uniform with the pinney handed out last week.


Coach on Oct 12 at 7:58A

Hi Everyone -

Just a reminder that we practice same location but from 1030-12 noon on Sunday.

We need to give out helmets and also get them adjusted so if we can all try to be there at 10 a.m. that would help.


Coach Jim


Coach on Sep 17 at 3:04P

Great first practice.  Everyone played really hard and I was impressed with the energy and focus. The boys took to the drills quickly. 

This team has potential, but we must work very hard on off days and during the winter months (this includes the coaches, players AND parents) to be competitive in AA ball.

Topic: Work hard on own. Players with Parents helping:

Every player must take what they’ve learned in practice or in private training and develop their own daily routines after school home work. 

I was able to interview many of the best lacrosse players in the eighties and nineties when I wrote a book on the Major Indoor lacrosse League. In every case they told me how they used their own imagination to make their own practices happen in their own back yards all by themselves. This is what it takes to become the best!!!

Here is an example, of course feel free to improvise!

• Start with a wall ball routine, 

• Then shots on cage from dodges around the cage. Every kid on this team needs work on split dodge and non dom shooting.

• Then ground ball work and some agility work. 

• Defensive players additional footwork drills, stance drills, C approach drills (use trees) do the crazy drill. Less shooting but certainly take some shots, nothing fires up a team more than when a D man scores. 

• Goalies must become Rocky Balboas with jumping rope. Must spend more time on wall. Must work the Matt Welch drills.

• FO players must work on whistle drills and moves to box outs to GBs…..get extra training *very important* 

Finally, just use your imagination!!!! 

All this should take no more then 25-30 min

Next topic: TEAM

Be a good teammate.  I can’t emphasize how important it is to encourage and support teammates.  We will all have ups and downs but if there are 19 other people supporting you, the lows pass quickly, and the highs leave lasting memories.  If you ask players who have had a lot of individual accolades, they will tell you that championships are far more memorable than individual achievements. 

My staff and I will focus on coaching TEAM concepts on offense, defense and in transition. We will do our best to motivate and to facilitate fast paced fitness style practices to give us the best chance to improve as a TEAM.

Next topic: Have Fun. I’m counting on the parents and Bobby to come up with some team bonding events off the field. The Lax Unlimited visit was spontaneous last minute thing but we had some fun at the store then the pizzas were awesome. I think about half the team showed up and the boys got to know each other and I got to spend time with some moms and dads. Some questions came up about helmets, gloves and foot gear. Please email Bobby and Sue with these questions. They have more experience on this topic.

In Synopsis: 

If we have fun but work hard and play hard and act like a TEAM we will be winners no matter what happens.

At this early phase of our teams development I feel that everyone should lower their expectations about our team, but know that anything is possible. 

My high school coach liked to trick me with this one: 

“Jimmy, If you think you can’t or if you think you can, guess what?  You are right.”

So believe in yourself and work towards greatness and know this fact, that it all comes down to simple math…

Hard work and Effort = Output




# Name Position
12 Barrett, Bryce Midfield
5 Bertozzi, Baxter LPM
21 Dubin, Martin Midfield
7 Fling, Darren Midfield
23 Harrington, Chase Mid/Att
4 Helfferich, Charlie Midfield
6 Huelskamp, AJ Mid/Att
13 Kim, Joseph Midfield
8 Koff, Myles Midfield
1 Korczakowski, Justin Defense
17 McCottry, Tyler Defense
14 Minderlein, Jake Attack
27 Radebaugh, Cody Goalie
47 Ro, Daniel Defense
18 Sabourin, Luke Attack
52 Sippel, Charlie Attack
22 Speight, Dean Mid/Att
11 Wilhelmsen, Cole Mid/Att
0 Wilkins, Eli Goalie
32 Winnie, Nathan Defense


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