Crabs 2026


Coach on Dec 15 at 4:41P

2026 Crabs,

Practice tomorrow is at the McDonogh School.  There is a equal chance of being inside or outside.  Please have the boys wear/bring their sweatshirt and sweatpants.  If we practice outside the sweatsuit in to be worn for practice under equipment. Also please bring shoes for both indoor and outdoor.  Cleats will not be allowed inside the McDonogh Gym. Thanks   

Admin on Dec 12 at 2:09P

Dear Crabs Families,

 Below is the plan for our summer tournaments (there could be some changes but I wanted to share the dates so all can mark their calendars). Practice is mandatory prior to a Tournament weekend.  You can expect to practice 2x a week prior to a tournament weekend on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday nights. I will send out hotel room blocks once they become available. I will also send out more details about each tournament much closer to summer.

Crabs 2026-

June 15-16 Summer Exposure Annapolis, MD

June 29 - 30 Leading Edge Elite Tournament New Jersey

July 6-7 Young Guns Towson University

Admin on Dec 12 at 12:25P

Crabs 2026 Families, 

Please see below your Janaury - Febraury practice schedule. 

  Crabs 2026
Jan 6th 9 - 1030 McDonogh
Jan 13th 9 - 1030 McDonogh
Jan 27th 9 - 1030 RPCS
3-Feb 9 - 1030 McDonogh
10-Feb 9 - 1030 McDonogh
24-Feb 9 - 1030 RPCS
Coach on Dec 7 at 11:58A

Crabs 2026,

Concerning practice Sunday 9-10:30 am @ Roland Park...the weather as of now looks to be cold.  As communicated 40 degrees is the general tipping point on practicing inside or outside.  Sunday is forcasted to below 40. Please be prepared for either but bring sneakers for the indoor Gym @ Roland Park if we go indoors.  No Cleats will be permitted inside. 


Admin on Nov 29 at 2:47P

Crabs 2025 and 2026, 

Sundays Practice will be outdoors at Boys' Latin Upper Turf 9-1030. Please be sure to dress appropriately.

Thank you, 


Admin on Nov 20 at 12:17P

Crabs 2025 and 2026, 

December Practice Schedule-  Practice could be indoor or outdoors, depending on the weather. If practice is outdoors will be on the Upper Turf.

December 2- Roland Park Country School 9-1030

December 9- Roland Park Country School 9 -1030

December 16 - McDonogh 9-1030 (indoors only)

Thank you, 


Coach on Nov 13 at 5:22P

Hi everyone, 

I wanted to send out a note to wrap up our fall ball season with my thoughts. 
First I thought we had 6 good practices.  The boys were enthusiastic and worked hard. I am impressed with our overall grit and energy. I really believe our team is above average athletically and all boys show great potential. 

We went 4-2 in our fall tournament games. The 2 teams that beat us have been together for several years with experience playing together. They moved the ball better than us because of the time spent playing together. Both teams we lost to were NOT bigger or stronger or more athletic than us. Also from our of lack of familiarity with each other and our roles, we lost our composure and made some mistakes. That will change once we get more organized and our boys get familiar with each other and learn their roles on the field. 

You have received a email about our practices on Sunday’s mornings through the winter. Keep in mind if the weather is below 40 we will go indoors at BL.....if above 40 we’ll be outside. Our winter practices will be focused on stick skills, fundamentals and individual offensive and defensive skills. Starting in late February early March, we will practice twice during the week and both Saturday and Sunday.  The spring with be more focused on the team to get ready for league play and the Summer Tourney’s.

We are a new team.  The boys are learning how to play the game. I am excited about our team and looking forward to polishing them into a very competitive team for the spring and summer. This is a process and we are all in this together. We need to encourage the boys and have them encourage each other. 

The Crabs are a very proud organization with nothing but success to build on. The 8th Grade team might be the most talented team they have ever had and the High School team are doing great. We all are aspiring to get there....this is the beginning. 

Have a Great Thanksgiving. Lots to be thankful for!!  Call me anytime. 

Coach Jim


# Name Position
12 Barrett, Bryce Midfield
5 Bertozzi, Baxter LPM
21 Dubin, Martin Midfield
7 Fling, Darren Midfield
23 Harrington, Chase Mid/Att
4 Helfferich, Charlie Midfield
6 Huelskamp, AJ Mid/Att
13 Kim, Joseph Midfield
8 Koff, Myles Midfield
1 Korczakowski, Justin Defense
17 McCottry, Tyler Defense
14 Minderlein, Jake Attack
27 Radebaugh, Cody Goalie
47 Ro, Daniel Defense
18 Sabourin, Luke Attack
52 Sippel, Charlie Attack
22 Speight, Dean Mid/Att
0 Whitener, Trip Goalie
11 Wilhelmsen, Cole Mid/Att
32 Winnie, Nathan Defense


Date Opponent
There are no games for this team...


06/15/19 08:00AM - 06/16/19 04:00PM Summer Exposure
Multiple Field Locations
07/06/19 08:00AM - 07/07/19 04:00PM Young Guns
Towson University