Crabs 2023


Admin on Dec 12 at 2:05P

Dear Crabs Families,

 Below is the plan for our summer tournaments (there could be some changes but I wanted to share the dates so all can mark their calendars). Practice is mandatory prior to a tournament weekend.  You can expect to practice 2x a week prior to a tournament weekend on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday nights. I will send out hotel room blocks once they become available. I will also send out more details about each tournament much closer to summer.

Crabs 2023-

June 8-9 NLF Main Event Long Island, NY

 June 22-23 Crab Feast

June 29-30 Leading Edge Elite Tournament New Jersey

July 6-7 Players will be asked to work Young Guns

July 19-21 (Friday-Sunday Games) NLF Championship at UMASS

Admin on Dec 12 at 12:30P

Crabs 2023, 

Please see below your practice schedule for January and February. 

Date Crabs 2023
Jan 6th 10-1130 BL
Jan 13th 10-1130 BL
Jan 27th 10-1130 BL
3-Feb 10-1130 BL
10-Feb 10-1130 BL
24-Feb 10-1130 BL


Thank you, 


SuperAdmin on Dec 5 at 10:10A

CRABS 2023 Sunday 12/9 practice will be outside. Please dress accordingly. Long underwear top and bottoms plus sweats and any additional layering to your own taste recomended. Surgical latex gloves will keep your hands warm. We will have plenty of practices end of February and early March as cool as this Sunday. If you prepare properly you can be comfortable and we can get good work done. DO NOT skimp on layers or proper materials. You can always take something off if you get too warm. However, if you're cold you won't be as focused or perform as well. Sunday 10-12 on Upper Turf Field at BL. 

Admin on Nov 20 at 12:16P

Crabs 2023, 

December Practice Schedule- 

Practice could be indoor or outdoors, depending on the weather. If Outdoors, practice will be on the Upper Turf.

December 9- Boys' Latin 10-1130

December 16- Boys' Latin 10- 1130

Thank you, 


SuperAdmin on Oct 26 at 6:11P

Players and Parents,

A note on how to handle rainy cold tourney days. Dress for the weather! If you get real cold you won't be able to listen, learn and perform. Bring extra socks, underwear and long sleeve tees. Pack a couple towels. You can always retreat to your car and put on clean dry garments. Bring warm loose gear to wear over your uniform to stay warm and dry but remain mobile. You must have sweats and jackets to wear before and after our games. We will play in shorts and long sleeve tees. No sweat pants/shirts during games (except goalies and injuried players) Please take time to prepare for tomorrow tonight! See you ready to go field side 9:20 sharp. Check Tourney Machine for updates! Thank you, Coach McClernan


# Name Position
13 Bavar, Benjamin LPM
9 Bieschke, Jacob Midfield
1 Cadigan, Dylan Goalie
23 Chai-Onn, Riley Defense
20 Dixon, Owen Attack
4 Ferrara, Mason Defense
22 Foster, Kyle Defense
10 Hayashi, Zachary Midfield
37 Hyland, Thadeo Defense
19 Johnson, Bradley LPM
7 Key, Eric Midfield
50 Kilrain , Quintan Defense
44 Marsh, Andrew (AJ) Defense
24 Matia, Christopher Attack
21 Morgan, Will Attack
6 Moxley, Thomas Midfield
0 O'Connor, Aidan Goalie
5 Owings, Tyler Midfield
11 Raley, Jack Attack
8 Salvia, Ethan Mid/Att
36 Walsh, Jackson Attack


Date Opponent
There are no games for this team...


06/08/19 08:00AM - 06/09/19 04:00PM NLF Main Event
Long Island, NY
06/22/19 08:00AM - 06/23/19 08:00AM Crab Feast
Cedar Lane , Towson University
07/06/19 08:00AM - 07/07/19 04:00PM Players to Work Young Guns
Towson University and
07/19/19 08:00AM - 07/21/19 04:00PM NLF Championship