Florida Crabs 2019/2020


SuperAdmin on May 17 at 5:04P

Florida Crabs 20/19,

Please find attached the final gear proof for your viewing pleasure. We are excited that we have had great acceptance and registartion from our first picks! We have a couple spots to finish up and are being very selective about those adds. We will have lodging info out to you very soon. Dorm rooms are available Thrusday, Friday and Saturday night at Towson University 2 beds per room and a dad and son could rent one if they like. $57 per bed per night and that will include breakfast, lunch and dinner in the cafeteria Saturday and breakfast on Sunday. More info to follow. Fired up to have you all involved!

Admin on May 16 at 2:08P

Florida Crabs 2019/2020,

Quick update on lodging for Mini Camp and Crabfeast:

We are working on a hotel block of rooms and there is also the possibility for staying at Towson University dorms for a discounted rate. 

We will post more information in the next few days.



SuperAdmin on May 16 at 11:01A

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There are no coaches on this team...


# Name Position
0 Bennett, CJ Attack
0 Bistrow, Guy Attack
0 Dykstra, Charlie Goalie
0 Farwell, Derek Attack
0 Gauch, Lucas Midfield
0 Gray, Seamus Goalie
0 Hatton, Joshua Defense
0 Henke, Malcolm Midfield
0 Hodges, Trevor FOGO
0 Kudla, Colby Defense
0 Kudla, Dane Midfield
0 Lockhart, Nathan Defense
0 Lusk, Noah FOGO
0 McDevitt, Jake LPM
0 Molloy, Whit Midfield
0 Singleton, Jordan Defense
0 Spangenberg, Landon Attack
0 Washington, Noah Midfield
0 Winegardner, Matthew Attack


Date Opponent
Cedar Lane Park (Bel Air)


06/21/18 09:00AM - 06/22/18 05:00PM Mini Camp
The Boys' Latin School