Crabs Pockets


Coach on Mar 28 at 3:07P

Our youngest players looking sharp!

Coach on Mar 20 at 4:43P

Equipment Requirements:

Each player is required to bring a full size lacrosse stick.   The recommended size is below.

For those of you new to the game you can access additional information here:




Coach on Mar 20 at 4:35P

Welcome to the 2018 Crabs Pockets lacrosse season!!!

We are excited to have your children participating in our clinic this year.  The goal for our clinic is to have the kids begin understanding basic lacrosse terminology, learn the fundamentals of the game and get plenty of reps during each session in a fun fast paced environment.  Our expirence as coaches and the US Lacrosse curriculum is designed to build a foundation for the skills that will be developed and reinforced as players move through there lacrosse careers.

I be coordinating the clinic this year.  My plan is to have group demonstrations for each drill, then breaking our group down into 4 smaller groups for more personal one on one instruction.  The three primary coaches will be myself, Hugh Purvis, and Jason Forrester.  We look forward to parent participation in helping out with our clinic.  So, please let me know if you are interested in helping out. 

I have updated our practice schedule on our team page.  I look forward to seeing everyone Saturday.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Coach Brad



# Name Position
0 Bowers, Henry Attack
0 Brown III, George “Augie” Attack
0 Erich, Ryan Attack
0 Forrester, Jameson Mid/Att
0 Godding-Halloran, Avery Attack
0 Hanna, James "Duke" Attack
0 Moore, Carter Mid/Att
0 Moore, Sylas Mid/Att
0 Myers, Grace Midfield
0 Purvis, Owen Midfield
0 Rodier, Carter Attack
0 Sakles, Solomon Attack
0 Schollaert, Luke Midfield
0 Stout, Will Mid/Att


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