Crabs 2021 Hardshells


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The purpose of this team is to continue the developement of the 2021 lacrosse player at the highest possible level through world class coaching and competition. We will be playing in some of the top tournaments in the country and will receive coaching from college players to current college coaches, as well as have access to some of the best teaching events in the country. My idea has always been to raise the level of play on the Eastern Shore and give these players some of the opportunities that lacrosse has given me in life, without having to travel too far from home. We will be holding a prospect day on October 7th at Saints Peter and Paul HS and encourage quality players from all over the Eastern Shore to come out to join this elite team. The current schedule is tentative and may also include playdays against other clubs and a skill tournament in December, but we will definitely play in three tournaments. Please contact coach Kaestner with any questions about the Hardshells.


Head Coach John Kaestner


# Name Position
23 Airey, Austin Midfield
9 Arrington, John Mid/Att
34 Barrett, Wil Defense
12 Brafman, Ryan Midfield
6 Bromwell, Brice Attack
13 Fitzmaurice, Douglas LPM
8 Furman, Ryan Mid/Att
0 Gilbert, Peter Attack
42 Gilden, Pierce Attack
0 Heister, Sam Goalie
17 James, John Defense
7 McClernan, Gavin Attack
11 Messick, Cole Midfield
18 Morgan, Cory Midfield
19 Pickett, Aaron Defense
15 Rayne, Riley Defense
10 Roberts, Charlie Defense
3 Shade, Evan Mid/Att
16 Sipe, Lucas Midfield
22 Smith, Jude Goalie
5 Sweeney, Aidan Midfield


Date Opponent
There are no games for this team...


06/23/18 09:00AM - 06/24/18 03:00PM Crabfeast
Towson University
06/28/18 09:00AM - 06/29/18 09:00AM Legacy Lacrosse Invitational
Rogers Fields
07/14/18 09:00PM - 07/15/18 09:00PM Hogan Hershey Lacrosse Tournament