Crabs 2021


Admin on Jan 11 at 1:44P

Good Afternoon Crabs 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022-

We are working on putting together (1)  team made up of all uncommitted players from Crabs 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 for the below tournaments.  These tournaments are OPTIONAL, but we need a commitment now if you would like to be involved and play on the team.  We have already heard from some of you so if you have already responded to Tina at,  there is no need to do so again.  If you have not and would like to play in one or both tournaments, please email ASAP with your name, year, position and what tournaments you are interested in playing .  

June 16th and 17th - BIG 4 in Philly. 

July 7th and 8th - Leading Edge Elite in New Jersey. 

Once we form a team, we will send out a link to formally register for the tournament (s).  Cost will be approximately $100 per tournament.

Thank you!


Admin on Jan 8 at 7:51A


Good Morning Crabs 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023,

Below is the hotel room block link for your Nat'l Club Lacrosse Champions tournament (July 20-22).  Please note that this is a 3 day tournament so room reservations are for 3 nights.  There is no obligation to stay in any of these hotels.

Have a great week!


Admin on Dec 20 at 11:06A

Good Morning Crabs 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022,

Following up with hotel options for your NLF tournament in Long Island June 9-10, 2018.  Please click on link below to book in our club room block.  Rooms are limited and you have absolutely no obligation to stay here,  but we would suggest booking your room NOW for this tournament!!  As many of you know, Long Island hotels book up fast!

Have a good day!!!


SuperAdmin on Dec 15 at 4:16P

CRABS 2019s, 2020s, 2021s and 2022s,

Summer Schedule: 

June 9th and 10th - NLF CHALLENGE on Strong Island!

June 16th and 17th - BIG 4 HHH in Philly. COMBO TEAM uncommitted players only, players must rsvp to play in this event;

June 23rd and 24th - 13th Annual CRABFEAST!

July 7th and 8th - Leading Edge Elite in New Jersey. COMBO TEAM uncommitted players only, players must rsvp to play in this event;

July 20th, 21st and 22nd - National Club Lacrosse Championships, Lehigh University. Finals on ESPN2 and ESPNU.

Our players will also have access to "showcase days" prior to NLF Challenge and Crabfeast. We have some direct invites to Nike Blue Chip, UA 120, New England 100 and several others. Please contact me directly about showcases in January if you want to attend an event. Many of you will have gotten or be getting a lot more invitations to events that are a waste of your time. Please know your CRABS schedule is enough to get you "seen". Division I Colleges will be very focused on re-recruiting the 2019 class (stealing the top committed players from each other) and developing stronger opinions on the 2020 class prior to the September 1st contact date. The very best 2021 and 2022 players will be getting their names written down on paper but have time before they need to worry about recruiting in general. 

Everyone needs to play hard this summer to show you can compete with the best in the nation. The importance of club ball and playing hard on a summer team is as high as ever for our players. The extra games and grind of summer ball reveal a lot about the grit and tenacity of potential college bound athletes. The team setting, particularly at the level that the Crabs compete, continues to out shine prospect and showcase days.  

This summers schedule reflects a week on — week off approach. This allows for rest and recovery both physically and emotionally. The two combo team events will allow our older players (who are not committed) extra opportunities to be seen at quality team events. For those younger guys that sign up for the combo team it allows them to play up one or even two age groups. Based on last summers combo team feedback we decided to expand the opportunity in 2018.

A reminder to those 2019 and 2020 young men who are committed. The club and your teammates expect you to stay committed to your teams. Over the years CRABS lacrosse has been very lucky that its players typically have stayed loyal to their teams and each other in an effort to help get everyone committed. If you are going to embrace the Division I athletic experience you need to push yourself thru the summer grind at a high level to continue to grow and improve and be "game ready" when you show up on campus. You never know how it is all going to unfold so staying humble and hungry and visible can only be to your benefit. 


Coach McClernan 


# Name Position
25 Barger, Matthew Midfield
6 Burman, Evan Defense
33 Chizmar, Noah Midfield
22 Crouse, Liam Midfield
21 Dixon, Matthew Midfield
12 Dudas, John (Jack) Midfield
10 Glatz, Garrett Attack
19 Griffin, Jackson Defense
44 Hernandez, AJ Defense
4 Hilgartner, Scotty Defense
9 Long, Ethan Mid/Att
18 McMahon, Connor Midfield
20 Moore, Jake LPM
3 Moreland, Mackenzie FOGO
91 Oliver, Jake Goalie
40 Ozonoff, Tommy LPM
72 Rice, Matthew Midfield
52 Rineman, John Defense
38 Schell, Riar Mid/Att
27 Schwartz, Zac Goalie
11 Skidmore, Jason Midfield
17 Smith, Ben Attack
1 Spilman, Ryan Mid/Att
2 Tolker, Henry Attack


Date Opponent
There are no games for this team...


06/09/18 08:30AM - 06/10/18 04:30PM NLF Challenge Tournament
Sachem Soccer Complex
06/16/18 08:00AM - 06/17/18 08:00AM Big 4H (optional uncommitted combo team)
Hill School
06/23/18 08:00AM - 06/24/18 06:00PM Crab Feast Tournament
Towson University
07/07/18 08:00AM - 07/08/18 08:00PM Leading Edge Elite (optional - uncommitted combo team)
07/20/18 08:00AM - 07/22/18 08:00AM Nat'l Club Lax Champions
Lehigh University