Crabs 2025


Coach on Apr 19 at 2:35P

Unfortunately, we have to cancel practice tonight. Please have your boys put in some private work and Wall ball.  See you on Saturday !

Coach on Apr 19 at 8:23A

Crabs 2025,

Hi everyone.......tonights practice is 6:00 - 7:45 ish.

Saturday's practice is 3:45 - 5:15

Sundays game vs FCA is 1:30


Coach on Apr 16 at 9:29P

2025:   Practice Tues/Thur at Boys Latin. 6pm

Saturday practice will be in late afternoon. Time TBD. 

Coach on Apr 14 at 5:51P

2025 Crabs,

Our game is @ 12:00 tomorrow.  The boys should be there by 11:15.  Depending on the weather be on the alert for messages from us concerning the game.  Rain is expect with a chance of thunderstorms with cold front moving in.  If you dont hear from us tomorrow morning our game is ON as planned. Thanks

Coach on Apr 13 at 5:16P

2025 Crabs,

Sorry I thought I gave the time for tomorrow's practice in earlier e-mail but after looking back it....I didn't.

Practice tomorrow morning is 9-11.  Thanks

Coach on Apr 10 at 9:00A

2025 Crabs,

Update about our practices going forward...This week we practice tonight @ 6 to dusk and Thursday 6 to dusk.  We apologize for the change this week but our coaches have a issue with Wed night.  

Going forward we will always have practice on Tuesday's and Saturday's.  However we need to be flexible for Wednesday's or Thursday's.  We will inform everyone as early in the week as possible about which day it is. Tuesday/Thursday is the goal as stated earlier in team meeting.   

Thanks for your patience will schedule changes!  Now that we moved to Boys Latin for the rest of spring we hope to settle into some consistency.  


Admin on Apr 9 at 12:17P

Crabs 2025,

PRACTICE THIS WEEK Tuesday and Wednesday Boys' Latin Upper Turf 6pm-Dusk

Dear Players and Parents,

As we transition our weekday practices to The Boys’ Latin School we must follow a few new procedures with regards to drop offs, parking, and waiting for the field to open up for our Crabs teams use.

1. Parking during the week will be at a premium, due to the volume of after school activities. If you are being dropped off for practice, please use the upper lot gazebo as your drop off spot. If there are upper lot spots you are welcome to park in upper lot only. During the week you must not drive down to the lots around the lower field for drop off. You must use gazebo or walk down from your parking spot in upper lot. If campus is really busy you must park on the other side of street where the middle school is and walk across bridge. Parking across the street is an easy choice during week.

2. For pick up after a weekday practice you may drive down to lower field lots. But, only for pick up! Players who get caught being dropped off in lots by lower field (behind the big white school building) will run!

3. At NO TIME should players go onto the field before the school teams are ready to leave the field. In other words, once the team huddle breaks to end practice, and are leaving the field our players can then proceed onto the field. Don't encourage the players to go down onto the sidelines to put on their gear, toss balls around, warm up, or just "hang out" until the school teams are done. Wait in the stands please.

4. As a reminder we are guests at Boys’ Latin and should be respectful of the facility. Use the sidewalks only. Do not walk thru garden beds. Use the bathroom in the gym only. No bathroom in the woods or behind the shed allowed!

Coach on Apr 8 at 4:34P

2025 Crabs,

There are no moral victories in sports but today our boys fought hard and played a good game!  Well done players and Coach's!!!

PRACTICE  this week is Tuesday and Wednesday night  6 till dusk @ Boys Latin.

Coach on Mar 27 at 10:51A

2025 Parents:,

I hope this note finds you well.  I wanted to reach out to you, from our coaching staff, after the first weekend of HoCo Games. While the game did not go the way we would have expected or hoped; I wanted to reiterate our commitment to your son's development: AS OUR PRIORITY.  While games are important in their development, long term the game score itself is not critical.  As for Sunday's game: Just realize that:  we were competing and slightly behind:  5-2;  3-minutes into the thrid quarrter.  (I know it does not feel like that now - but I watched the game film and we were in the game) . I am sure that everyone saw that we did not play (or Coach) at the lacrosse level that we need to, if we want to fully compete in these HoCo games.  Furthermore; our fundamentals tended to break down under duress and we as a coaching staff are now focused on that piece of their development. Ultimately, the boys will each need to work on this to make themselves improve.

I also want to make you keep this perspective: We are playing in a "AA" bracket, in one of the strongest leagues in the country; please know that we believe in each player’s development more than the wins and losses.  Our practices and THEIR individual work ethic will be the key to their personal development. Hopefully everyone saw that last night at practice.

The Crabs process 'WORKS' as simply evidenced in last years 5th grade team (2024).  Their progress should be proof of the development these boys will make in the next 4 months. Please keep a positive sideline, and we will continue to work with each of your sons.

Two Philosophies that drive our Coaching Staff:

- There is a saying: " IF YOU ARE NOT OUT WORKING..... YOU ARE BEING OUT WORKED!”  Please have your boys committed to top level effort and Work Ethic at practice and at home.

- When the goal is improvement, success and failure are an essential and welcomed part of the process. The bigger the challenge/setback/frustration, the greater the opportunity.

Looking forward to more lacrosse with your Boys !

Coach Pete

Admin on Jan 22 at 4:34P

Hi 2025 parents,

My name is Bobby Helfferich, my wife is Erin and son is Charlie #53.  I am the designated "Team Parent".  I am also the liaison between the parents and the coaching staff.  This email is to re-introduce myself and cover a few items as we come up to the start of the season. 

Per the Crabs philosophy our coaching staff are all non parents.  They give a lot of their time and energy to coaching/developing our sons throughout the spring and early summer. To alleviate some of the burden all issues/questions that are not personal in nature should be addressed to me.  For example questions on equipment, uniforms well all communications about availibiliy for practices and games.  Please note the Crabs organization runs their teams, as most High Schools team do, with little to no contact between parents and coaches.  

I bring a backpack to practices and games filled with little items for equipment such as screw gun, screws, mouth pieces, tape etc. 

I believe I have met most of you, if not please come up to me at practice and introduce yourself.  When we get to the summer tournaments I will count on some of you to help with tail gates and tournament related activities.  We will deal with that later in the year. 

Couple of questions we had today:  

The Crabs are a Nike exclusive program which provides all clothing and uniforms.  I was asked about Cleats.  Its not mandatory to have Nike cleats but if buying new ones you may want to consider Nike.

Question about when our gloves were coming.  I understand it will be very soon.  I think they may have arrived or will any day now.  

Please feel free to contact me about any questions that arise.  If I don't have the answer I will get it and get back to you.  I prefer e-mail or text messaging but a phone call is fine if you wish. 

Looking forward to a great season watching our boys play Lax!!

Bobby Helfferich


Coach Pete Ward

Admin on Dec 21 at 4:00P

Good Afternoon Crabs 2025,

Below is a preview of your summer tournament schedule:  Please mark on your calendars!  

Happy Holidays to all!

June 2-3 - Shore Wars - Ocean City, MD 

June 16-17 - Summer Exposure - Annapolis, MD

July 7-8 - Young Guns - Towson, MD




# Name Position
4 Andrews, Kirby Mid/Att
5 Bertozzi, Baxter Defense
26 Bezold, Mason Attack
16 Boston, Griffin Attack
6 Brown, Joshua Midfield
74 Coady, Max Goalie
55 Colhoun, William Midfield
10 Crooks, Colby Defense
53 Helfferich, Charlie Midfield
44 Hilgartner, Jake Midfield
0 Koff, Myles LPM
8 Metz, Hunter Attack
7 Polly, Brayden Defense
27 Radebaugh, Cody Goalie
1 Raley, Matthew Attack
2 Raley, Michael Attack
22 Speight, Dean Mid/Att
17 Thompson, Aiden Midfield
99 Valente, Matthew Defense


Date Opponent
04/08/18 12:00PM   Bethesda Blue - Field 1
Blandair Park
04/15/18 12:00PM   Madlax Capital - Field 3
Blandair Park
04/22/18 01:30PM @ FCA - Field 1
Blandair Park
04/29/18 12:00PM @ Annapolis Hawks Black - Field 3
Blandair Park
05/06/18 01:30PM @ Team 91 - Field 1
Blandair Park
05/13/18 01:30PM   Zingos - Field 3
Blandair Park


06/02/18 08:00AM - 06/03/18 08:00PM Shore Wars
Ocean City, MD
06/16/18 08:00AM - 06/17/18 08:00PM Summer Exposure
07/07/18 08:00AM - 07/08/18 08:00PM Young Guns
Towson University