Crabs 2025


Coach on Jul 17 at 1:53P


First of all, I want to thank each and every family for the privaledge of Coaching your son(s) this year.  I personally get more satisfaction from seeing growth and development, than i did playing the game. (At least that is what I tell myself at my age:)  ).   Coaching has allowed me to stay involved in a game I truly love and more importantly 'respect'.  I hoipe each of your boys will also have those beliefs, and maybe (Just Maybe) they will look back and remeber Coach Pete as giving them some of that guidance.

I also want you to know, that i am open to any family reaching out to me, if you have questions about our 1 on 1 conversations with your son(s).  Coach Tom and I were very positive with each boy, but also were firm in our beliefs of what development needs to happen with each player.

Please have your boys continue to work hard on stickwork, conditioning and watching lacrosse games.  All of these are important for their future development.

With that said: Please register for tryouts as soon as you can.  This will help the 6th Grade coaches organize and prepare for the upcoming tryouts and season. (I know some will be coming to tryouts as 5th graders as well).

Have a great summer, and I wish everyone the best moving forward

Coach Pete


SuperAdmin on Jul 9 at 2:21P


Blast email to all CRABS Lacrosse teams. Please share with friends and family.

If you are away please let us know we will make alternative arrangments to see you play!

We will be looking at the youngest players all the way into the fall so do not stress tryout dates. Just please communicate what will work for your family schedule.



# Name Position
4 Andrews, Kirby Mid/Att
5 Bertozzi, Baxter Defense
26 Bezold, Mason Attack
16 Boston, Griffin Mid/Att
6 Brown, Joshua Midfield
74 Coady, Max Goalie
55 Colhoun, William Midfield
10 Crooks, Colby Defense
53 Helfferich, Charlie Midfield
44 Hilgartner, Jake Midfield
0 Koff, Myles LPM
8 Metz, Hunter Attack
7 Polly, Brayden Defense
27 Radebaugh, Cody Goalie
1 Raley, Matthew Attack
2 Raley, Michael Attack
22 Speight, Dean Mid/Att
17 Thompson, Aiden Midfield
99 Valente, Matthew Defense


Date Opponent
04/08/18 12:00PM   Bethesda Blue - Field 1
Blandair Park
04/15/18 12:00PM   Madlax Capital - Field 3
Blandair Park
04/22/18 01:30PM @ FCA - Field 1
Blandair Park
04/29/18 12:00PM @ Annapolis Hawks Black - Field 3
Blandair Park
05/06/18 01:30PM @ Team 91 - Field 1
Blandair Park
05/13/18 01:30PM   Zingos - Field 3
Blandair Park


There are no events for this team...