Crabs 2023


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Crabs 2023,

Practice this week:

Monday April 9th Boys' Latin Upper Turf 6pm-Dusk

Thursday April 12th Boys' Latin Lower Turf 6pm- Dusk

Dear Players and Parents,

As we transition our weekday practices to The Boys’ Latin School we must follow a few new procedures with regards to drop offs, parking, and waiting for the field to open up for our Crabs teams use.

1. Parking during the week will be at a premium, due to the volume of after school activities. If you are being dropped off for practice, please use the upper lot gazebo as your drop off spot. If there are upper lot spots you are welcome to park in upper lot only. During the week you must not drive down to the lots around the lower field for drop off. You must use gazebo or walk down from your parking spot in upper lot. If campus is really busy you must park on the other side of street where the middle school is and walk across bridge. Parking across the street is an easy choice during week.

2. For pick up after a weekday practice you may drive down to lower field lots. But, only for pick up! Players who get caught being dropped off in lots by lower field (behind the big white school building) will run!

3. At NO TIME should players go onto the field before the school teams are ready to leave the field. In other words, once the team huddle breaks to end practice, and are leaving the field our players can then proceed onto the field. Don't encourage the players to go down onto the sidelines to put on their gear, toss balls around, warm up, or just "hang out" until the school teams are done. Wait in the stands please.

4. As a reminder we are guests at Boys’ Latin and should be respectful of the facility. Use the sidewalks only. Do not walk thru garden beds. Use the bathroom in the gym only. No bathroom in the woods or behind the shed allowed!

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Good Morning Crabs 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023,

Below is the hotel room block link for your Nat'l Club Lacrosse Champions tournament (July 20-22).  Please note that this is a 3 day tournament so room reservations are for 3 nights.  There is no obligation to stay in any of these hotels.

Have a great week!



# Name Position
3 Adkins, Mitchell Attack
27 Bateman, Brendan Midfield
13 Bavar, Benjamin LPM
9 Bieschke, Jacob Midfield
8 Botek, Ryan Midfield
24 Brady, Declan Midfield
1 Cadigan, Dylan Goalie
14 Celio, Hayden Attack
4 Ferrara, Mason Defense
22 Foster, Kyle Defense
10 Hayashi, Zachary Midfield
5 Hayes, Luke Attack
37 Hyland, Thadeo Defense
19 Johnson, Bradley LPM
7 Key, Eric Midfield
44 Marsh, Andrew (AJ) Defense
15 Martin, Grier Defense
21 Morgan, Will Attack
6 Moxley, Thomas Midfield
0 O'Connor, Aidan Goalie
12 Owings, Tyler Midfield
17 Pelkey, Tyler Midfield
11 Raley, Jack Attack
2 Smith, Drew Mid/Att


Date Opponent
04/08/18 04:30PM   Club Blue - Field 2
Blandair Park
04/15/18 04:30PM @ Looney's Orange - Field 5
Cedar Lane Park (Howard Co.)
04/22/18 03:00PM @ Bethesda Blue - Field 2
Blandair Park
04/29/18 03:00PM   FCA Blue - Field 5
Cedar Lane Park (Howard Co.)
05/06/18 03:00PM @ Team 91 - Field 3
Blandair Park
05/13/18 03:00PM   Next Level Blue - Field 2
Blandair Park


04/29/18 03:00PM - 04:30PM Game: FCA
Cedar Lane Park Field #5
05/06/18 03:00PM - 04:30PM Game: Team 91
Blandair Park Field #3
05/13/18 03:00PM - 04:30PM Game: Next Level
Blandair Park Field #2
05/20/18 12:00PM - 06:00PM Playoffs
Blandair Park
06/09/18 08:00AM - 06/10/18 04:30PM NLF Challenge Tournament
Sachem Soccer Complex
06/16/18 08:00AM - 06/17/18 08:00AM Summer Exposure
06/23/18 08:00AM - 06/24/18 08:00PM Crab Feast Tournament - FIELD WORKERS/LOCATION TBD
07/07/18 08:00AM - 07/08/18 08:00PM Young Guns
Towson University
07/20/18 08:00AM - 07/22/18 08:00AM Nat'l Club Lax Champions
Lehigh University