VLC 2021


Admin on Jul 13 at 9:07P



Hello VLC 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 Teams:

Please check your tournament schedule to make sure there are not any last minute changes tomorrow.  Also, please take note if you are playing at Sachem North HS or the soccer complex.  See parking rules below.



Sachem Soccer Complex: DO NOT PARK ON SERVICE RD OF LI EXPRESSWAY.  This is a major highway with heavy traffic. It is unsafe and we recommend parking in the lots at the complex or at the adjacent elementary school grass lot accessible through the school's north entrance.

Sachem North HS: We are expecting a heavy number of college coaches and have blocked off the closest lot for them.  This lot will also serve as the handicapped lot.  There is also additional parking at Samoset Middle School. The high school is accessible by path

Also register online if you haven't done so already!

Have a great weekend in NY!

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Good Afternoon VLC 2020 and 2021,

Please register and do the online waiver for the UMD - Young Guns tournament on 7/22-7/23!  

Players - Waiver


Also, another friendly reminder to do the NLF tournament (7/15-7/16) online waiver (info sent in previous email) if you haven't done so already.

Thank you!!





Admin on Jul 7 at 11:37A

Good Morning VLC 2019,2020,2021,2022,

The schedule for our NLF tournament has been posted.  See link below!



ALL PLAYERS participating in the NLF Summer Championship must fill out the NLF Individual Player Waiver.

Please copy and paste the following waiver. 



Click For Rules Download

Have a good weekend!

Admin on Jun 30 at 4:19P


Important tourney info listed below

We are almost two weeks away from this year's Summer Championship, which has shaped up to be one of the summer's biggest recruiting events.  
In this email you will find links for event location, roster forms, game film and more.  Expect tournament schedules to be released shortly after Independence Day.


ALL PLAYERS participating in the NLF Summer Championship must fill out the NLF Individual Player Waiver.

Please copy and paste the following waiver link out to your teams: 


Grad years 2018-2020 will be played at Sachem High School North Campus.

The address for GPS is:

212 Smith Rd, Ronkonkoma, NY

Grad years 2021-2025 will be played at The Sachem Sports Complex.

Complex address for GPS is:

1111 Waverly Ave, Holtsville, NY

Please do your online waivers asap!

Have a good weekend!


Admin on Jun 19 at 5:51P

VLC 2018,2019,2020 and 2021 Players,

Just received email from our books/waiver coordinator and below are the names that still need to register for our Crab Feast tournament.  Please do it asap (tonight if possible) or by Wednesday at the latest!!!!!  I have attached the helpful hints doc on registering in case anyone needs it.

Thank you and looking forward to some great lacrosse this weekend.







































Admin on Jun 9 at 12:32P

Hello VLC 2021 and 2022 Families-

The Summer Exposure schedule has been updated as of 7:00 pm Thursday night.   We encourage all players, parents, coaches, and directors to download the app tourney machine, this way you will be notified of all schedule changes and bracket updates.  In addition, if you haven't already, please visit www.hoganlax.com to register your son for this tournament and another friendly reminder to register for our Crab Feast tournament (2021) Young Guns tournament (2022) on www.crabslax.com.  Previous emails have been sent out on how to register for each tournament.  Please see your team page for instructions if needed.


Thank you!

Admin on Jun 8 at 10:13P

Hello VLC 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 Families,

Please register for the Crab Feast tournament asap by visiting www.crabslax.com and clicking on registration center/tournaments/ Crab Feast 2017.  This registration helps to capture information for our college coaches packets, waiver, etc.

In addition, team pages have been updated with tournament locations, etc.  However, please ALWAYS double check on tournament websites for any last minute changes.  Schedules are also posted on most of the websites.

Thanks for your attention and have a great weekend!


Admin on May 11 at 12:18P

Hello VLC 2021, 2022 Families,

Please visit www.Hoganlax.com asap to register your son for Hogan Summer Exposure tournament.  Hogan has requested that all registrations be completed by May 17th. Directions are posted below.  

Player Registrations: Each player must complete a registration. This is completed by the parent completing a Parent Sign Up. If you have participated in a HoganLax event in the last year, the parent has a profile and can click on "Member Login" and update their son's info. They know they are done when the son appears on their roster for the 2017 tournamments

If they have not particiapted in a HoganLax event previously they must click on "Parent Sign Up" and follow the process.

Visit our Frequently Ask Questions page for video on how to do this.

Thank you for your attention!

Admin on Apr 27 at 11:30A

Good Morning VLC 2020,2021

I wanted to pass along in case anyone is interested in booking a hotel room for the UMD Young Guns tournament 7/22-7/23.  I know many of you may choose to commute back and forth, but if you wish to stay, I have pasted the link below.   The link does mention booking a block but you may also reach out to her to book individually or of course do it all on your own but at least it gives you an idea of hotels in the College Park area.


2017 UMD Terps Young Guns Tournament

Hosted By: University of Maryland Lacrosse

Booking URL: Book Your Group Rate Rooms for the 2017 UMD Terps Young Guns

Stephanie Shortt

National Account Manager 

Travel Team USA

P: 585.347.4915

F: 585.217.9154


Admin on Jan 10 at 12:39P

Good Afternoon Crabs and VLC Families,

I wanted to send out a reminder to continue to make payments on your accounts.   I encourage you to make payments once or twice a month instead of making one final payment on April 1st.  There will be no extensions past April 1, 2017.

The new system will notify you of a balance due on the 15th of every month. Payments can be made under the My Account tab, after logging into the system. Please select “View Financials,” to determine what payment, if any, you would like to make that month.

Once on the payment page, you will need to enter information into all fields on the right hand side of the page in order for the payment to be processed. Follow the steps below to complete a payment transaction, payments cannot be processed over a cell phone.


  • ENTITY – This should already be filled in if you only have an outstanding balance with one company. If you have a balance with BLC and B’More, then you will need to select which company you are making a payment
  • AMOUNT – Put in the dollar amount you wish to pay. No dollar sign is needed, and only need to enter cents if you making a payment involving them
  • MEMO – indicate what the payment is for, ie, family balance payment, payment for merchandise
  • SELECT THE ITEMS YOU WANT THIS TRANSACTION TO APPLY TO … This is where all your history will appear. Put in the amount into the box next to the item you are payingAmount from the top must match with the amount in this area. If paying against the Club fee, the amount will go next to Crabs Registration box showing the entire fee for the year, not the deposit made. All other boxes must have a 0 placed in them
  • Credit Card Information – Visa, MasterCard or Discover accepted. Billing address of credit card must match the address in the system associated with the player

 We encourage all families to take advantage of this flexibility as it suits your family’s financial needs in order to meet the April 1st deadline.

Thank you,


Tina Lamberti
Program Coordinator
Baltimore Lacrosse Club
B'More Lax Co
Virginia Lacrosse Club


# Name Position
2 Annetta, Joey LPM
22 Asuncion, Evan Mid/Att
0 Castleman, Owen Attack
21 Cho, Josh Defense
19 Colligan, John Goalie
44 DeFreitas, Cole Midfield
0 DeGrassi, Colin Defense
4 Duncan, Chase Attack
30 Fagan, Dylan Defense
0 Fallon, Joseph LPM
25 Fasulka, Owen Mid/Att
12 Gollob, Jay Mid/Att
11 Hanzlik, Zachary Mid/Att
1 Hassett, Charlie Goalie
23 Jones, Michael Midfield
0 Kemp, Wilson Mid/Att
24 Kim, Grant Mid/Att
13 Kyle, Philip Midfield
3 Lunn, Corey Attack
7 Mallett, Max Attack
34 Miller, Han Mid/Att
26 Niznik, Matthew Attack
0 Perry, Caiden Defense
9 Sheifer, Daniel Attack
15 Sofield, Finnian Mid/Att
8 Susko, Jacob Midfield
16 Wyka, Brendan Midfield


Date Opponent
06/17/17 08:00AM @ Summer Exposure
South River High
06/18/17 08:00AM @ Summer Exposure
South River High
06/24/17 08:00AM @ Crab Feast
Goucher College
06/25/17 08:00AM @ Crab Feast
Goucher College
07/15/17 08:00AM @ NLF Tournament
Sachem Soccer Complex
07/16/17 08:00AM @ NLF Tournament
Sachem Soccer Complex
07/22/17 08:00AM @ UMD Young Guns
University of Maryland
07/23/17 08:00AM @ UMD Young Guns
University of Maryland


There are no events for this team...