Crabs 2022


Admin on Jun 28 at 10:56A


Good Morning Crabs 2022, 2023 and 2024,

Please register if you haven't done so already for this weekend's Young Guns tournament in Bel Air, MD.  Also, schedule and field maps are posted on the Tourney Machine app.  To view the site maps, click on "More" on the bottom right and then document/site maps at the top.  We had a team drop out last minute in 2023 division.  Hopefully that schedule will be finalized today.

If you need help registering, please see the word document attached.  Please register by Thursday (tomorrow) at the latest!


Thank you and all the best to Crabs for a safe, successful weekend of lacrosse!


Admin on Jun 21 at 12:24P

Hello Crab Feast workers!

I have an updated version of club workers for the weekend at Carsin's Run and Cedar Lane Park.  Please use this revised version that has a couple minor changes!!  Disregard the one that I sent last night.  As a reminder, please have your son download the tourney machine app and be familiar with it.  

Also, another reminder to please register for the Young Guns tournament!  

Thank you to all in advance!!

Admin on Jun 20 at 10:23P

Good Evening Crabs 2022 and 2023's,

Attached is general information for this upcoming Crab Feast tournament weekend.  Please make sure your son is acquainted with all of the information and expectations before he arrives this Saturday!  Most importantly, please make sure he downloads the Tourney Machine app which will be used by all of the boys to keep score. 

Lastly, there are some minor changes/updates to the workers excel sheet so please look it over once again just to verify location, cell number, etc.  There will be no changes unless a cell number is wrong.  This is going to print tomorrow and will be final!

Thanks to all for your patience!



Admin on Jun 18 at 2:29P

Hello Crabs 2022 and 2023's,

Attached is an excel sheet of all those who have signed up to work our Crab Feast tournament this upcoming weekend June 24-25th.  Please take a look at the assignment sheet to make sure your son's cell number is correct.  Please email with your son's number if you haven't done so yet.  This is extremely important to communicate with your son throughout the day if needed.  We will be sending out some information in the next few days regarding duties and what to bring for the weekend.  

The sign up genius is now closed and there will be no changes unless you notice an error on our part.  We have tried to accommodate everyone!  We have 130 teams coming from all over the country so we need all decks on hand to make this a great experience for all.  Thank you so much for agreeing to be a part of our tournament.  

Hope everyone had a successful, fun filled weekend in Philly!



SuperAdmin on Jun 14 at 6:11P


Thursday June 15th at BL starting at 4pm. Email to RSVP.

Taking the first 10 to rsvp. Please bring $40 cash for the sesson.

If you want to set up a private lesson please email Pat at (different rates apply) Thank you!

Admin on May 23 at 12:20P

Good Afternoon Crabs 2022, 2023 and 2024,

Online registration is open for our Young Guns tournament.  Please visit to register your son asap.  I have attached a helpful hints word document if you have never registered on our site before.  All players must be registered before being permitted to play in the tournament.

As soon as the other tournaments give me their online waiver/registration links, I will be sure to pass on to you so that you may register asap for those tournaments as well.




Admin on Jan 10 at 12:39P

I encourage you to make payments once or twice a month instead of making one final payment on April 1st.  There will be no extensions past April 1, 2017.

The new system will notify you of a balance due on the 15th of every month. Payments can be made under the My Account tab, after logging into the system. Please select “View Financials,” to determine what payment, if any, you would like to make that month.

Once on the payment page, you will need to enter information into all fields on the right hand side of the page in order for the payment to be processed. Follow the steps below to complete a payment transaction, payments cannot be processed over a cell phone.


  • ENTITY – This should already be filled in if you only have an outstanding balance with one company. If you have a balance with BLC and B’More, then you will need to select which company you are making a payment
  • AMOUNT – Put in the dollar amount you wish to pay. No dollar sign is needed, and only need to enter cents if you making a payment involving them
  • MEMO – indicate what the payment is for, ie, family balance payment, payment for merchandise
  • SELECT THE ITEMS YOU WANT THIS TRANSACTION TO APPLY TO … This is where all your history will appear. Put in the amount into the box next to the item you are payingAmount from the top must match with the amount in this area. If paying against the Club fee, the amount will go next to Crabs Registration box showing the entire fee for the year, not the deposit made. All other boxes must have a 0 placed in them
  • Credit Card Information – Visa, MasterCard or Discover accepted. Billing address of credit card must match the address in the system associated with the player

 We encourage all families to take advantage of this flexibility as it suits your family’s financial needs in order to meet the April 1st deadline.


# Name Position
7 Baehr, Lucas Mid/Att
77 brody, chase Attack
6 Brown, Hugh Attack
28 Carey, Jack Defense
14 Fischer, Owen Midfield
24 Gonzales, Joseph Midfield
4 Gross, Bob Attack
34 Hagerup, Leif LPM
16 Hurdle, Aidan Defense
1 Lubin, Tommy Goalie
22 Matan, James Midfield
11 McLean, Michael Midfield
12 McMillen, Matt Midfield
30 Mednick, Morgan Defense
17 Miklos, Fritz Mid/Att
3 Stover, Debra Attack
9 Strong III, Thomas Midfield
38 Sullivan, Reagan Attack
41 Tan, Jack Defense
23 Turner, Jared Defense
13 Wilson, Anthony Goalie


Date Opponent
03/25/17 12:10PM @ Laxachusetts Red
Maplezone Sports Institute
03/25/17 01:50PM @ Laxachusetts White
Maplezone Sports Institute
03/25/17 02:50PM @ Rising Sons
Maplezone Sports Institute
04/09/17 09:00AM @ Next Level-Black
Blandair Park
04/23/17 10:30AM @ API Diamondbacks
Blandair Park
04/30/17 09:00AM @ Madlax-Capital
Blandair Park
05/07/17 10:30AM @ Bethesda Blue
Blandair Park
05/10/17 06:00PM   FCA
Boys' Latin Turf
05/13/17 11:00AM   Next Level
Boys' Latin Turf
05/14/17 09:00AM @ Team 91
Blandair Park
06/10/17 08:00AM @ NLF Challenge
Sachem North High School
06/11/17 08:00AM @ NLF Challenge
Sachem North High School
06/17/17 08:00AM @ Philadelphia Big 4 Tournament
Springside Chestnut Hill Academy
06/18/17 08:00AM @ Philadelphia Big 4 Tournament
Springside Chestnut Hill Academy
07/01/17 08:00AM @ Young Guns
Cedar Lane Park (Bel Air)
07/02/17 08:00AM @ Young Guns
Cedar Lane Park (Bel Air)


There are no events for this team...