Crabs 2024


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Crabs 2024

June 12/13 Summer Exposure Annapolis, MD

June 19/20 Big 4 HHH Philly Grange Park Allentown, PA


Old Bay

June 12/13 Summer Exposure Annapolis MD

June 19/20 Millon Tournament


Crabs 2024 Combo-

June 26/27 Crab Feast

July 10/12 NXT Summer Invitational Philly

Red Claws-

June 26/27 Crab Feast

July 16/18 NLF Championship UMASS

July 24/25 NAL DE Turf - Save the date for this event


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Crabs 2024 and Old Bay

Skills and Drills

January 24th and 31st

330pm -5pm

Boys' Lating Upper Turf

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Old Bay and Crabs 2024, 2023, and 2022 teams, 

There will be a few Winter Skills and Drills get togethers December - end of February.

We will send out more information once dates and times are confirmed for each team. 

Right we are looking at a few Sunday mornings at Rockburn Park Field #5 1030-1230. 



The roster for this team is not yet complete - please check back soon!


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